GC5 is a Canadian company based in Toronto, operating in the foreign trade industry (import and export), with focus on increasing optimization, efficiency, and agility.

Our primary services are Supply Chain Consulting and end-to-end Operations Management, especially within Asian, North American, and South American markets.

GC5 develops personalized projects for several sectors and conducts the relevant analysis to allow for informed recommendations to be made regarding the most appropriate vendors, transportation methods, regulatory compliance and all associated paperwork. This study will be conducted in a targeted and personalized way according to the interests and needs of each client, in order to meet the specific import and/or export objectives.

The GC5 team is comprised of experienced professionals and a worldwide network of trusted partners, which ensures our ability to deliver high quality services and operational excellence.

Our offices are located in North America: Toronto, Canada and in South America: São Paulo, Brazil.


GC5 assists in the search, logistics and regulatory clearance of products and equipment required for Research, Development and Innovation.

We also offer qualified scientific advice in Biotechnology (immunology, genetics and biochemistry, among others) to support R, D & I and the Pharmaceutical/Health Care industry.