* The symbol: Inukshuk

Important symbol in the native Canadian culture, the Inukshuk is a figure made of piled stones to communicate with humans throughout the Arctic. Their geologic intricacies communicate several messages: as aids in navigation, to mark a place of respect, or to indicate migration routes serving as a guide for land and sea travelers. Moreover, Inukshucks provide comfort, direction and spatial orientation. Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia

The symbolism of the Inukshuk embodies our commitment to our clients. We commit to communicating, navigating and serving as our client’s guide at every turn of the process.


Head (who commands): GC5 Main Business
The two main focuses / GC5’s services.


Superior Member (complex and delicate movements): Consulting – complete study of client’s needs to enable the import and export operation.


Trunk (main organs): Operation Management during full flow –  supplier and buyer.


Inferior Member (support): The attributes that GC5 values in all its deliveries are: Optimization, Agility, Commitment and Trust.